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How does Orison prevent wiring overload and fires without involving electricians?

  October 3, 2016   |   Category: Technology

All of our products will be UL certified and will not allow excessive current in wiring.  

Safety is at the core of Orison’s design and we have implemented several layers of protection to ensure it is achieved. Orison has several ways of sensing grid connection and the load on a circuit. We do this via the outlet Orison is plugged into. We also can connect to either the smart meter or Orison energy monitor for increased input that further increases efficiency. In a grid outage Orison can remain in idle mode until you choose to island the circuit and command Orison to power the circuit.

Apart from our ability to sense outages and respond as commanded Orison has several other features designed to ensure safety. These include a smart plug that does not allow discharge when not inserted into an outlet and a GFCI. Orison is also designed with an intelligent discharge and sense cycle and its output is limited to the capacity of the circuit. Rather than directly powering a circuit Orison can also isolate an individual appliance by having it directly plugging into Orison – this is also a potential workaround if the regulatory takes longer than expected.

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