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How does Orison provide the cheapest energy mix with my solar?

  October 3, 2016   |   Category: Technology

When solar energy is present in the property, Orison will include it in its real time decision making algorithms on energy mix and associated charge/discharge timing. The result of this is that Orison will ensure that the value of your solar energy is maximized. Only once all the high value uses are maximized (for instance, charging all your Orison units), will secondary uses such as exporting to the grid be included.

Orison accesses your solar energy in the same manner as the grid energy on your property. Once your solar energy has passed through your inverter and into the circuits, it is available for use – see the illustration below for an example.

Information on how much energy you are currently generating can be accessed using two methods: (1) wireless connection into the solar inverter, (2) add on (easy to install) power sensors for solar output. If neither of these are available, you still have the option of manually entering historical information on your solar power generation.

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